About Us

Formspec was started in 2018. The company was started by Slab Specialists for the purpose of providing the right formwork solution to builders and construction companies who wish to build insitu concrete structures.

After years of using many different concrete formwork systems, both handset and crane set, we decided that there was a demand for a formwork company that was able to provide advice based on real world experience.

Through building relationships with international suppliers and understanding what innovative solutions existed on the world stage, we acquired the agency for Symons Formwork Systems and Formspec was born.

Since 2018, we have steadily grown and now in a position to supply any client with their wall, slab, beam or column requirements.

Formspec prides itself on providing expert advice and the facilitation of training to builders and construction companies on the right way to make best use of the forms on site.

Formspec can hire and sell any forms that suits the budget and methodology of the project programme and we will work with you to achieve a fit for purpose product that assists you in accelerating your construction progress. Formspec can also provide full drawings and panel layouts from its draughting team.

Formspec and its sister companies can provide a full offering of form installation, form setting, reinforcing, concrete placing and engineering. With its small flexible team, Formspec builds strong business relationships with its clients and joins their team as their formwork partner.